Lisa Mee


Artist Statement:

“I am captivated by the rhythms and colors found in nature whether it be the complex layering of a color-saturated sunset or the light-filled reflections from bodies of water. Among the wonders of the natural world, I am inspired by the blooms of botanicals and various formations of stone and wood. I recreate a compendium of these natural forms as well as the expansion of space and light.

I collect papers, fabrics and metals and integrate these into my paintings by careful sorting, cutting and assembling.Once mundane scraps are combined to create a mystique all their own. A new palette of colors and shapes emerge and allow me to extend my imagination beyond the boundaries of only paint. Pigment, wax and acrylic paints are used on top of these elements to enliven the composition.

These artworks illustrate my commitment to express environmental concerns about the fragile ecological state of our planet by demonstrating how to reuse and recycle in a creative way. This is my way of making a difference. At the same time I hope to share a positive message about beauty that can simply be from the experience of appreciating art.”

A Summary About Collage Painting and the Art of Lisa Mee:

Picasso and Georges Braque first coined the term ‘collage’ which derives from the French word ‘coller’ which means ‘glue.’ In 1913, they first incorporated found objects into their art and from that point on, it became a distinctive part of modern art. Artists around the world have embraced this idea of combining various material fragments and found objects to create art. In almost every major art movement of the 20th century from Cubism and Surrealism to Abstract Expressionism, Pop-Art and Post-Modernism, renowned artists such as Andy Warhol, Jim Dine and Roy Lichtenstein have made use of unexpected materials to challenge conventional definitions of art.

Along this technique but with a style all her own, she integrates papers, fabrics and metals by careful sorting, cutting and assembling into works of art. She combines elegant fabric and paper fragments to create a harmony of all the parts. Inspired by florals, plant-based life and various formations found in the natural environment as well as stone and wood, she creates a cohesion by using recycled materials in an aesthetic manner.

By integrating collage elements into her richly painted surfaces, her canvases offer viewers color-saturated and textured painting surfaces combined by careful layering. Her unique collage approach has caught the eyes of important art collectors in New York City as well as Europe where her works are found in numerous corporate and private collections. Her recent gallery exhibitions in New York City this year gained her notice and she recently was approached to participate in group and solo exhibitions as far as Australia and China.

Lisa Mee’s work is found in numerous private collections in the U.S.,France and Spain.

February 2014 – Artist-in-Residence: Firehouse Cultural Center (Ruskin FL)
April 2013 – Earth Day workshop for children about mixed media collage painting techniques at TransFORM Gallery in New Rochelle NY.
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Represented by the Marmont Hill Licensing Group September 2016

Hudson Valley Finds Gallery, Rhinebeck NY
September 2015

Represented on's Art Department
April 2015

TransFORM Gallery, New York City NY (July-September 2014)

Indiewalls Art Installation, The Refinery, New York NY (March-May 2014)

TransFORM Gallery, New Rochelle NY (March 2013)

Cafe Angelique sponsored by Indiewalls NYC (through May 2013)

Kipton Art – New York City
Art@60 – New York City
Custom Creations – New York City
Indiewalls – New York City
DesignLawn Showcase – New York City
Great Neck Arts Center – New York
Art Gotham Gallery – New York City (‘Square Foot Show’)
High Line Open Studios – New York City
Kashan Gallery, Nyack NY
JH Brown Fine Art – Vermont
Louis Aronow Gallery – San Francisco
Ovation TV- featured artist (‘Art or Not’ program)